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Sunday, 14 August 2011

How To Uninstall SOFT32 Updater

Many people have a problem while uninstall the SOFT32 Updater.
Because its quite annoying that every time when you boot up your pc it pop up with SOFT 32 dialogue box.
While Uninstalling the MessageBox is shown as with this error
Application is running.

But Now Just Relax...

So just follow this few steps you can uninstall it easily.
1.) Goto Run >> type regedit.exe

2.) Now Click on + sign of HKEY_CURRENT_USER

3.) Click on + sign of Software tab
      Find Soft32
4.) Right Click On it & Delete it.

Now its become so easy.

5.) Goto Control Panel >> Add or Remove Programs

6.)  Find SOFT32 Panel. In the right side click on Remove.

Thats it. Now you havent any annoying one by SOFT32 while you boot your computer.

Enjoy PavanCity... <3 

1 comment:

  1. too bad the "Soft32" doesn't populate after deleting the registry keys!!!!! Thanks for nothing


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