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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

How to Login Multiple Skype Account without Any Software

Today I'll give you another useful tip for Skype users. Nowadays most of the people have more than one Skype account. They use several Skype accounts for different reasons such as for office use, personal use, etc...
If you have more than one Skype account, normally you can't log into numerous Skype accounts at the same time.
This is possible when you follow my Instructions:

Lets see how to login multiple Skype account without using any software :

Go to Skype installation path on your computer
Example: C:\Program Files\Skype\Phone

Right Click on Skype.exe icon

Select Send to –> Desktop(create shortcut)

Now it will create a Skype shortcut on your desktop

Right Click on the Skype icon which you have newly created

select Properties

In target feild, at the end of the path a space followed by the text /Secondary

If you don't understand, just look at the screen shot below.

After that, click on OK button, that's all. You have done !!! Now you can manage two or more Skype accounts at the same time on single computer.

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